Progress in Motor Control VI
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Conference Program

The four-day Conference will include invited presentations organized in symposia on cutting-edge topics and poster sessions. A panel discussion will conclude each symposium. See the abstracts of the presentations and the conference schedule.

Keynote lecture: Computing with Neural Ensembles

Miguel Nicolelis

Duke University

International Institute of Neuroscience of Natal

Keynote lecture: Schizophrenia: Serial Order Processing Deficit?

James Houk

Northwestern University

Symposium: New Approaches to Movement Rehabilitation

Dejan Popovic

Aalborg University

Ina Tarkka

Brain Research and Rehabilitation Center Neuron

Hermano Krebs

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mindy Levin

McGill University

Symposium: Optimality Principles in Motor Control
Emanuel Todorov

University of California, San Diego

Gerald Loeb

University of Southern California

Stephen Scott

Queen's University

Symposium: Laterality, Hemispheric Dominance and Inter-Limb Motor Control
Robert Sainburg

Pennsylvania State University

Richard Ivry

University of California, Berkeley

Kathleen Haaland

University of New Mexico

Symposium: Do Internal Models Exist in our Brain?
Pietro Morasso

University of Genova

Mark Latash

Pennsylvania State University

Symposium: Sensory Integration for Postural Control
Fay Horak

Oregon Health & Science University

Robert Peterka

Oregon Health & Science University

Jane Macpherson

Oregon Health & Science University

Symposium: Neuromuscular Adaptations in Response to Physical Activity
Gary Kamen

University of Massachusetts

Tibor Hortobagyi

East Carolina University

Symposium: Detection of Neuromuscular Performance
Roberto Merletti

Politecnico di Torino

Edward (Ted) A. Clancy

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Symposium: Stability and Variability

Gregor Sch?ner


Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi

Northwestern University

Dagmar Sternad

Pennsylvania State University

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